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Hunting in France

HPR Tests and Trials



Brittany Club Weekend Water Retrieve Pictures,
Brittany Club Weekend TAN Pictures
Brittany Club Weekend Retrieve Pictures

Brittany Club Weekend Trophy Pictures

There are over four hundred pictures on display - so it may take a while to load the page. - particularly TAN and Water pages. I will build a 'selected highlights' page soon.

Print quality copies can be had for a donation to Brittany Rescue. contact details on the pages.


Just a thought - if you have caught it you may wish to eat it - great recipe site here  

Pointing in the borders
photo:JanTaylor some Brittanys will even indicate the difference between fur and feather by the way they point.
photo:JanTaylorBrittanys are very keen workers - stopping them do it is the big challenge! Even when indoors they have an eye on what they could be doing
photo: Simon Potter
photo: Simon Potter