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Must read series of articles on understanding why.

Before you start training have a look at this article about aiming for success


Don't forget the EB is an HPR - Hunt Point Retrieve style of dog. This makes for some lack of welcome amongst spaniel and retriever handlers and clubs - not universal however. If you are in East Hampshire or West Sussex try Leconfield Working Spaniels or try approching Weimeraner or German Wirehaired or Shorthaired Pointer clubs for instance. Take some time with Rory Major (Bryantscroft Gundogs) he has after all madu up a Brittany to FT CH status!

Rated 18th most trainable dog. Trainability score here.
The Volhard 'canine personality profile' here (works in IE) explanation here

photo: Simon Potter photo: Simon Potter


EBs are very intelligent dogs who learn very fast - bad stuff faster than good stuff perhaps. It always amazes me how people want a thinking dog and then tell it off when it thinks or itself.

A short guide to training for pointing and scent here - read beyond the first page.


Before going down the 'push into position and correct if wrong' route try reading a few of the articles here. Clicker training does not yet have a place in gundog training - but there is much to be learned by understanding how the system works - try some of these articles, and the specific article here on training a gundog to heel. Clicker retrieve here


Membership of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers as a subscriber giving you access their library is money well spent. Tony Orchard dog training is in Oxfordshire and can be recommended.


An overview of working and field trials by the Kennel Club


The Weimeraner Club of Great Britain guide to Working Tests and Field Trials requirements


Worth a read are some of the schutzhund training articles and also some protection dog stuff and here


An article on gait analysis of athletic and working dogs - how to monitor any pain the dog may be in by observation of its movements

A Brittany specific training page

Loads of articles here

GSP Spring pointing criteria