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Bells and Whistles






French Woodcock Club

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Have you ever worrried about where your Brittany is? Or have you worked him in deep cover and he/she has gone on point? But where?

The French have the answer - a little bell. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Available from a number of independant bell makers; for instance Jean Daban, the chain store Decathalon as well as the French Woodcock Club. We have a No 2 from the Woodcock Club and it is a beautiful hand made little bell with a blued horseshoe nail as the clapper. Those in Decathlon are far more 'industrial' in feel and cheap looking.

How does it work? - you hear your dog working away and when it goes on point you now know where you last heard it.

There are collars that blip when hunting and blip differently when on point. Canibeep

Perhaps the ultimate answer for the runaway dog is the collar with a little transceiver on it. You can telephone the collar using your mobile and the collar will,depending on the system, send back a map reference. GlobalPetFinder. Vectronics



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