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Maxims for dog training

•Dogs don't generalise. 'Sit' learned in the house doesn't neccessarily mean is will be understood outside.

• Whatever you allow a dog to do; you teach a dog to do.

• Never give a command you are not able or prepared to, enforce.

• There are no time tables and no short cuts.

• Proceeding too quickly can often cause more problems than proceeding too slowly.

• Dogs learn through Association, Reptitition, Consistency. (ARC)

• You can’t make a pointing dog without something to point at.

• There is no such thing as a dog with too
much prey drive.

• Dogs don’t grow out of a habit - they only grow into it.

• Give a dog every chance to succeed. (unless you are into aversion training).

• Try to always end a training session on a good note; success breeds success.

• Never miss an opportunity to train.

• If you are angry or frustrate, stop, think it through and start again another day.

• Read your dog; he’s got a lot to tell you.

• Timing is everything; anything that interferes with your timing interferes with your training.

• The dog is a pack animal; you must be the pack leader. That is the ONLY way your dog will respect you.

• Distance, Duration, Distraction. Keep them all to a minimum. Slowly increase each individually.

• The best trainer in the world can only get 100% of what is “in” the dog back out. “you can’t teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and irritates the pig”.

• Anticipate your dog’s next move and be ready.

• No correction is better than an ill timed correction.

• Keep it fun for you and your dog.

• it is easier to train a dog with the proper tools. This includes collars, leads, dummys and most importantly information.

• Never chastise or scold your dog unnecessarily and only immediately after the event. Deliberate disobedience must be instantly dealt with.

• A dog cannot ask questions. Make sure you explain it all in a manner the dog understands.

• Know what you want the dog to do and how it should be done.

•Do not let the dog make a mistake; should it do so, never let it pass.

• A mistake once made and allowed to pass, may mean hours of hard work for you and untold harm for the dog. It may never be erased.

• Reward everything that is done well.

•Consistant persistance and patience, patience, patience!!