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The closeness to the French blood lines and the care British breeders have taken in selecting for litters means no British dog is more than a few generations from a Championship quality animal either in the field or in the ring. A British born and bred Brittany recently won Best of Breed at the French Championships.


These dogs are akin to highly tuned sports cars - fantastic fun .... but if all you want to do is potter down to the shops once a week would you take a Ferrari or would you prefer a little run around?


The EB is in essence a truly all round dog, as much at home as in the field. The breed has been selected over the years to fulfil both these criteria. Its depth of chest and muscling allow it to work tirelessly all day whilst its temperament allows it to fit in with nearly every family whether in the country or in a flat in the suburbs. All one has to remember is it has been bred to work and if not given something to do will soon find occupation - not necessarily of a desirous kind.


Tracing a dog's ancestry can be very succesful. The Brittany Club of GB hold a breed record, the supplements to the Kennel Club register on CD go back 10 generations; the French have a databse - the 'livre d'elevage' and an American database also exists. Not forgetting 'google' or similar web searches