Frequent Questions

Do I have to be a member

There is no 'membership as such. Events will be advertised and if you wish to participate you have to contact the organiser of that particular event. It is down to the organiser to decide if thier event is 'public' or by 'invitation'. Be mindful that although an activity might be 'open to all' there may be restrictions on numbers because of venue or availability of stewards.

Could I host an event?

Please do. Choose an activity, choose a venue, contact one of those already hosting an event for advice if you need it. A new page on this site will be created and you will be given access to it so you can publish your own details. The event can be as small as 'one to one' the maximum the insurance will allow at the moment is 1000 participants.

What is the 'status' of the Breton Amicale?

The Breton Amicale is a 'social group' of likeminded people doing activities together. It has no affiliations with the FCI or the KC.



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