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A Bible for the Pointing dog trainer

'Yet another book on dog training' ? No, The secrets of Keranlouan is not a classical dog training book. It is an original training manual for those hunting pointing dogs.
« Highly reccommended even for those with experience » says a reader impressed by the insight and depth of Patrick Morin's book.

His sensitivity, his sense of observation and his experience allow Patrick Morin to help you analyze the behaviour of your puppy. He guides you through the theory and practice and the gestures and attitudes that you should adopt to develop a high level of cooperation from your dog.

An exciting book, full of thoughtful advice that everyone should read before starting to educate a dog, regardless of race.

Summary of the contents. Discover what is inside

13 questions you have asked - and the answers within the book

Readers testimonials

'What gives meaning to my life? My core passion is not the selection, not even competitions, not even the Brittany itself, it is above all the dog.'Patrick MORIN